Order Info

Term of Payment

  1. All prices are quoted F.O.B. Taiwan.
  2. Advanced full payment by T.T. beforeshipment.
  3. Plants will be shipped within 20 daysafter received your T/T or Bank Draft.


Each shipment will be accompanied with the following documents.

  1. Phytosanitary Certificates.
  2. CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species).
  3. Commercial invoice
  4. Packing list
  5. Air waybill

Customers must supply the necessary documents and Import Permit in accordance with government regulations. Consult your country's Agricultural Authorities.

Packing & Shipment

  1. Plants are shipped bare root unless otherwise instructed.
  2. We will assure top quality of packing inour shipment and all plants will be arrive in excellent growing condition at your counter part.
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  • FAX:+886-4-2483-3375
  • Email: shiningorchids@gmail.com;info@shiningorchids.com.tw